180421 Jinyoung drops by on Fan’s, hints that concert may go on for more than 3 hours


Title: Come in

Everyone, are you sleeping and resting? What are you doing on a weekend with great weather? (I will assume that you’re listening to GOT7 songs^^) Since we’re done promoting and we’re not appearing much, I thought you would be bored so I came to stop by for a bit. Since the concert is soon, I’m currently preparing lots and I’m really nervous too..!! Are you eating your meals? For those coming to the concert too, you need to have stamina so till then make sure you’re eating your meals and exercising! Be prepared everyone^^ 3 hours? It could be more than that too and during that time, you (would have to) scream and jump !! Alright I’m going to leave now. Everyone, rest lots and wait~ Then, goodbye!!