180420 Jackson to join variety show ‘Let Go Of My Baby’ Season 3


Big brother Jackson @WangJiaEr reporting! Babies, Jiaer big brother is very good to get along with, don’t you bully him~ #LetGoOfMyBaby# Season 3 welcomes Wang Jia Er big brother~

Jackson also reminds you to catch him on the latest season of Let Go Of My Baby:

Let Go Of My Baby Season 3
Wait for me
Coming right up 

What was said in the video:

Don’t be afraid of the dark. Don’t be afraid of growing up. I’m Wang Jia Er Jackson. I’ll always be with you. Let Go Of My Baby Season 3. I’m waiting for you guys at Season 3. Remember to watch it. You must watch it. Do you hear me.

* Let Go Of My Baby is a show whereby they document the process of a few children who have very different characters and amazing visuals, getting along with celebrity guests. It is a variety show by Tencent Videos.


Source 腾讯视频放开我北鼻