180419 JB blows everyone away with his live performance of ‘Rainy’ on Hyena on the Keyboard


GOT7 JB finally revealed his solo song.

Photos of GOT7 JB performing his solo song live on the episode of ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ airing on the 20th has been released.

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JB’s new song, which will be revealed for the first time on Hyena on the Keyboard is a song he personally wrote about youths falling into their own gloomy thoughts on happy spring days.

On the last episode, JB laid out photos that were associated with rain for inspiration and began weaving the emotions together, giving birth to a song.

In addition, JB received harsh assessments on the songs he diligently prepared from Park Jinyoung, resulting in disappointment and he was having a hard time in working on a new song. There is anticipation on how he would complete this song in order to persuade Park Jinyoung.

On this day, following his live performance, Kim Jong Seo commented, “Your voice is so good, you’re an artist” revealing his surprise while Mamamoo’s Hwasa said, “I thought we were playing a CD.”

JB’s solo song ‘Rainy’ will be revealed for the first time on the 20th at 11PM on Hyena on the Keyboard. Following that, on 21st at 6PM, it will be released on various music charts.

Source Sports Chosun