180419 GOT7 appointed as ambassadors for ChildFund Korea’s campaign, JB and Jinyoung attend as representatives


GOT7 has been appointed as the ambassadors for the 3rd Thank You Letter competition.

ChildFund Korea has appointed GOT7 as the representatives for their 3rd Thank You Letter competition called “Thank You, Teacher” on 19th April. On this day, JB and Jinyoung attended as GOT7 representatives.

The Thank You Letter competition is part of ChildFund’s project in character improvement education and is open to all elementary, middle and high school students across the country, as well as to the youths. Since its inception in 2016, it has collected approximately 90, 900 letters.

GOT7 participated in the contest’s poster, as well as the promotional video and are also the emoticon-models for ‘Eyes on Nice Guys GOT7’ for the thank you comments campaign; they will be offering their full support for the success and wide spread participation of the contest.

President of ChildFund Korea, Lee Jae Hoon said, “Although the efforts of the public and private education is important in character building, I believe that cultivating the children in feeling gratitude on their own is the basis of character building.” He then added, “With GOT7, who have outstanding musical sense and heart warming visuals, as our ambassadors, I’m anticipating more participation from the youths this year.”

The contest will be open from 1st May to 20th July for a period of approximately 2 months.

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GOT7 had been active recently with the release of their latest album ‘Eyes On You’ and title song ‘Look’. They had also won first place on Music Bank on 23rd March, showing their popularity.

Source DongA ChildFund