180614 GOT7 sells out Moscow, Berlin and Paris concerts… Passionate meeting with 20,000 fans


GOT7 met with approximately 20,000 fans for their first Europe concerts during their World Tour, giving them a performance overflowing with energy.

GOT7 held their Europe concerts for the 2018 World Tour, ‘GOT7 2018 WORLD TOUR’ on the 6th at Russia, Moscow’s Adrenaline Stadium, on the 8th in Germany, Berlin’s Velodrom, and on the 10th in France, Paris’s Le Zénith. They sold out 6,000 seats, 7500 seats and 6,500 seats respectively, and was joined by a total of 20,000 fans.

GOT7 performed powerful stages with their existing hit songs, ‘If You Do’, ‘HARD CARRY’, ‘Never Ever’ and ‘Look’. In addition, Jinyoung·BamBam, JB·Mark·Youngjae and Yugyeom·Jackson performed unit stages, showing off a difference attraction prepared for the world tour.

Fans from Moscow, Berlin and Paris passionately cheered, following along to the Korean lyrics. To this, the members expressed their gratitude in the local languages.

GOT7 opened their world tour in Seoul from May 4-6 at Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Songpa-gu, Seoul, and have finished their stops in Bangkok, Macau and thereafter the European stops including Moscow, Berlin and Paris. They will continue their world tour in 17 cities around the world until the end of August, with the upcoming stop on the 16th at Taipei, 30th at Jakarta, through to Toronto, LA, Houston, New York, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Santiago, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Source 10 Asia