180414 Chujai’s father sings praises about BamBam’s work ethics as well as his personality, BamBam leaves a reply of gratitude


A kind big brother. Both on the scene and behind the scenes.

In the duration of half a day that I spent with BamBam, I truly understood why he is loved by so many.
BamBam is easy going, cheerful, and kind to Chujai the whole time they were together. No matter if Chujai was being sensitive, misbehaved or stubborn. And no matter if there were cameras or not.

While taking a break from filming, I had a chance to talk to BamBam about this and that. I asked him about living in Korea for so long, whether he had any memories that are distinctly Thai. BamBam replied to me saying that he remembers the stories of the “Kra-sue” ghost. It was the ghost he was most afraid of as a child and remembers being told that if you ate the ghost’s saliva, you will become one too.

It’s a cute piece of his Thai memory and I didn’t think he would tell me. In reality, underneath his image as a K-pop idol, BamBam is just a normal Thai boy. However the thing that I find very special about this boy is that every time I am near him, I feel this strange aura of warmth radiating from him. As though I was with a younger brother, a friend, an older brother who is friendly and kind.

BamBam treated all the staff with respect. He works quickly, precisely and is always on time. He also treated my family with sincere respect.

In the end of the next episode, I had a chance to show him my rap.

He was very excited to hear my verse and shook my hand. We respected each other as hip hop artists.

In the short time I got to work with BamBam, I learnt an important lesson, “Respect is in the giver, you must give to receive”

His humble, kind, funny, diligent, respectful and sincere demeanor is the reason why he truly deserved to be loved by all.

Respect @bambam1a


Note: ‘Kra-sue’ ghost is a Thai myth. Chujai’s father is a well-known rapper in Thailand.

BamBam’s reply and Chujai’s father’s reply to BamBam

BamBam: Thank you so much.
If you ever get a chance to visit Korea, please let me know. I am also always ready to host you! I will take you to eat delicious food.
Thank you for the positive vibes🙌🏻❤

Chujai’s father: Thank you for everything again. If I ever get the chance, I will take you up on that offer.


Source @ftodah