180413 Global Marketing Comm rep from Shinsegae confirms GOT7 breaking records


#mywork Yes! We did! Congratulations to GOT7 who became the first idol group to be featured on the wall that’s hardest to be featured on in Korea 👏🏻Right next to Chanel x Got7 took the one of the pickiest wall spot in the right middle of Seoul, Korea for the first time as an idol group at the Korea’s historically first department store and the hottest dutyfree shop, Shinsegae! Well done US and well done #got7


On an acquaintance’s IG post mentioning GOT7’s feature as well
(Only parts related to GOT7 is translated)

They’re the first K pop idol group to be featured for 2 months (on the wall). This is historic hehehe


Source @jade_daarling