180406 Team Wang reassures everyone of Jackson’s health


To present everyone with a better image while recording, Mentor @WangJiaEr actively participated in the recording and rehearsal, however due to his body’s sudden physical discomfort, he was sent to the hospital. It is a pity that he is unable to attend the last episode of 《Idol Producer》. No matter what the results will be, Mentor Wang Jia Er promises to meet with everyone again on stage in the future! Also to Jia Er’s fans and friends who are concerned about his health, be assured that Jia Er is already on his way to the hospital to receive treatment, the next time we meet again, he will be well and healthy!

Thank you everyone for your concern. Because of over-exhaustion, @WangJiaEr was fatigued and lacked energy. At this point, he is in the hospital and has received treatment and a full body check-up, and is currently resting. Everyone please be assured, and do not believe rumours ❤️

Source Team Wang Weibo