180406 GOT7 leader JB appearing on ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ with Park Jinyoung


GOT7 JB will be appearing on ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’.

On the 6th episode of ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ that will air tonight, GOT7 JB will be making an appearance with Park Jinyoung.

During the show, not only will the daily life of hit producer Park Jinyoung and GOT7’s title songs ‘You Are’ and ‘Look’ composer and writer JB will be shown, they will also be revealing the process of making a hit song.

The photo released showed JB with a nervous expression while Park Jinyoung looks like he is not able to come to a decision easily.

Although as an artist, Park Jinyoung is endlessly free and cheerful, as JYP’s representative producer, he is straightforward when it comes to music; many are curious as to what will happen between these two people.

JB’s latest composition, ‘Look’, recorded good results on both local and overseas charts, sealing himself as the next generation of composer-dols. Many fans are looking forward to what kind of charm and skill he would show on ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’.

In addition, GOT7 performed ‘Look’ live on the show, allowing the viewers to admire the dynamic performance from up close. Before their performance, the GOT7 members asked for ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ staff to look after JB well, showing support for JB’s new challenge.

You will be able to watch JB’s composing on tonight’s episode of ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ airing at 11PM on KBS 2TV.


Catch the preview of the show below!

Source Sports Seoul