180405 Bedside stories with BamBam of GOT7


One bright morning, you wake up to find you are snuggling up under a warm pile of blankets on a soft bed with the cute Thai boy BamBam Kunpimook Bhuwakul, one of the members of the hottest boy band of the century, GOT7. The hot boy whispers quietly in your ear saying that he has all the free time today so he will just stay horizontal in the warmth of the bed before telling you all his secret bedside stories he has never told anyone before.

“I once stayed in bed for 11 hours”

Due to a fully booked schedule, being able to sleep on a soft bed is the most magical thing for someone such as Bambam. “In the present, I get to sleep roughly 4-5 hours a day. Whenever work starts to slow down, I would sleep in a bit more but whenever work ends early and I get personal time, I would go home to sleep immediately. As for my free days, I would choose to rest. I would just sleep for 11 hours.”

“I am a light sleeper”

“Sleeping is an important form of rest but as someone who is a light sleeper, just a soft noise would already shake me awake so I am especially particular with sleeping. In order to feel fully rested, I like bigger beds such as the super king size, but it has to be the right amount of softness. Not too hard and not to soft in order to not hurt my back, such as RESTIER beds. It really satisfies all of my needs in both the design and the quality aspects, allowing someone who is a light sleeper like myself to sleep soundly all night.”

“I am attached to my side pillow”

“Apart from a soft bed, I am really attached to my side pillow. I need one to hug all through the night, otherwise I really cannot sleep.”

“Composing music, watching a favourite movie..on the bed”

The bed is a favourite place to be for this hot boy because not only does it allow him to fully rest up, he also does various activities on the bed: including lyrics writing or watching a favourite movie. “Most of the time I like to stay in bed and write songs. I also watch movies in bed. A nice bed can really be unexpectedly inspiring”

“A friend to sleep side by side every night”

“I sleep with Latte. When I wake up every morning, he is sometimes on my chest. Sometimes we just chill out on the bed. Some days we’ll just be relaxing in bed and I will suddenly get a slap in the face, occasionally coupled with a scratch on my cheek. Latte, my lovable cat, is the one I sleep with every night”

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Source Bugaboo