180402 Sudsapda shares adorable behind the scene stories during photoshoot with Mark


Let me hear some loud screams from Ahgase! Because for this issue of Sudsapda we have acquired the hottest boy, Mark of GOT7 for our cover and cool fashion shoot. The fans are not the only ones fangirling, our Sudsapda staff were freaking out too; which is why we wanted to share some behind the scenes stories with the fans.


Adorable behind the scenes of Mark GOT7

I’ll let you know first that Mark managed to sneak us into his tight schedule, and flew to Thailand for this photoshoot to meet with us in a very beautiful and private studio. Mark arrived early with his makeup artist, hair stylist and fashion coordinators, whom are also from Korea. You could say this was like an international relations event. Upon arrival, the staff and Mark greeted each other in a friendly manner and immediately went straight to the dressing room. While waiting, the stylist from Korea discussed the fashion concept for this photoshoot with Thun, our very own stylist staff from Sudsapda.

After a while, Mark who was not quite finished getting ready, came back out to greet the staff again and to look at the outfits for the shoot. After roughly making sense of the concept, he returned to the dressing room to complete his hair and makeup.

Shortly after, he was ready for the shoot. We started with the shot where he sat on a chair near the window in the head-to-toe Prada look. He looked so handsome in such a gentlemanly way.  Mark only needed to listen to a few sentences of the briefing before he was able to strike a pose as instructed by the stylists. The staffs also persuaded Mark to be more playful, which resulted in Mark becoming more relaxed and have more fun during the shoot. When the Korean stylist said in Thai, “Suay” (t/n: “Beautiful”), Mark immediately followed. The staff translated the word to him and it became a small Thai language lesson.

Being a perfectionist and a professional, it only took a couple of takes before the staffs were satisfied and he changed his outfits quickly. Next, the shot that got everyone fangirling in the preview, was the one where he ate pizza. What actually happened was that the staff had ordered it for lunch, but the stylists felt that it would be fun if it was included in the scene too. So Mark ate while posing until the staff were satisfied, along with the disappearance of 2 pizza slices. This shoot seemed pretty fulfilling for Mark since he was really hungry, so he actually ate and it was truly delicious.


Next was the shoot for the cover as we have seen. A funny story about this was that the photographer pressed the shutter 2-3 times and the stylist was already pleased with it. Our cameraman was completely baffled and asked “Jing lor?” (t/n: “Really?”) He kept asking until Mark couldn’t help himself and started saying “Jing lor?” as well. So just to put the photographer at ease, we took a couple more photos to ensure the coolest pictures.

Now for the bubble gum blowing scene, P’Jae, our cameraman, requested that Mark let the bubble gum explode on his face, to which Mark complied. P’Jae turned to the Korean stylist and said “One more time,” in which the stylist replied with “Ok, maybe two more times.” As soon as Mark heard the conversation, he joined in with, “three more times, three more times, three more times!”, warranting an explosion of laughter throughout the set. Mark had to blow so many bubbles, but he never complained.

After the completion of that set, we were afraid Mark might be hungry again (Yes, even after eating the pizzas). So we asked him if he wanted to rest. Mark asked the cameraman, “Are you hungry?” The cameraman replied with, “I’m OK, up to you.” So Mark said, “I’m OK.” They said OK back and forth about 3 times before deciding to just continue with the shoot until completion because everyone was okay with it.

We can say that Mark’s solo fashion shoot in Thailand went by smoothly and was an enjoyable one because Mark was so cheerful and down to earth to the point of doing whatever we requested. He spoke a lot of Thai to the staff and we helped to update his vocabulary list. He was also very hard-working. How can we not fall in love with him, right?

Source Sudsapda