180329 Youngjae summons the lil chicks to take photos for M Countdown + fanaccount behind what went down


GOD-Youngjae’s summon call, ‘Alright – our little chicks, please come quickly and take the photo!!!!”; upon hearing the summon call, #Mark #JB #Jackson #Jinyoung #BamBam #Yugyeom all obediently gathered. And the oldest(?) hyung-nim with the selca stick #Youngjae-goon as well!! A perfect lump shot!! Ahgases! See you today with your beaks open and screaming to your hearts’ content!! When?? Today at 6PM on #MCountdown!!


Fanaccount from same-day fansign

(only parts related to the M Countdown tweet is translated)

I asked Youngjae if it’s true that he really said ‘lil chicks, come gather’ and he said they needed to take the photos but everyone was scattered around so like a preschool teacher, he went “come here~” and everyone gathered aroundㅠ

Source M Countdown @_forgot7