180329 Jackson thanks everyone for the birthday wishes through a video and a photo


I just got off work!😅
All of you must be asleep already 🤨
Everyone, thank you so much for your wishes😍
My beloved mommy and daddy
Thank you for giving life to me 24 years ago ❤
And all hard work you put in
Through all the photos 👀and videos, I saw them all! 👀
Through my work/projects in the future too
I will definitely make all of you proud! 🙏
Whenever I feel like falling
I imagine all of you anticipating me
And I rise up once again🔥
I will work harder🙏
I love you
Haha😅 Just got off work
You guys must be sleeping🤨
Thank you everyone for your blessings😍
Also very thankful to daddy & mommy for giving birth to me 24 years ago❤
Thank you to all who support and love me❤
The thoughtful things that you’ve done for me, I’ve seen them all
Very thankful! I can see all the photos👀
I also hope that my future works can make you guys more proud🙏
Sometimes when I doubt myself, whether I could persevere or not
Thinking of your expecting gazes, I’m up again🔥
Work hard to be yourself🙌
Be us🙏
Love you guys very much
Yooo 😅 just got off work!
Bet you guys are sleeping huh🤨
All I want to say is Thank you Soooo much for all the blessings😍
and MOST importantly
Thank you mom and dad for giving this precious life to me 24 years old.❤
AND Thank you to all the people that show love, respect and support to me🙏
I saw it all through photos and videos🙌🙌🙌
I promise I will try my best to continue entertaining everyone through my music, my attitude, my performances and every sides of me. 🙏
And TBH whenever I doubt myself, or when I feel insecure, you guys are the reason why I get to stand up and hustle again🔥
Thank you again, and I will work harder and harder to become a BETTER Jackson❤
I love everyone of you🙏
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