180314 GOT7 “The secret behind our team work? Disregarding rank and treating each other like same-age friends”


GOT7’s photo shoot showcasing them overflowing with fresh youth has been revealed.

Through High Cut magazine that is released on 15th March, GOT7’s photo shoot was revealed.

Following the photo shoot, GOT7 sat down for an interview and spoke of their confidence for the new album ‘Eyes On You’. Leader JB said, “I think that everything fits perfectly in this album. The concept is clear and the choreography has been upgraded a little. We sang a song that fits our colour a little more.” Jackson then added, “(The fans) only need to prepare in getting ready to come and meet us at the performance venues. They just need to prepare to be touched. Prepare to be surprised.”

During the fan-meeting in February, GOT7’s emblem made use of an ahgase logo to express their gratitude to the fans. JB conveyed, “In our original version of the light stick, the exterior is an ahgase while the heptagon logo for the 7 of us is inside it. On a particular day, I suddenly thought that it would be nice to change the light stick. Ahgases have been protecting us. Now that we’ve grown a little, we want to protect the fans – from that heart, we ended up with that logo.”

When asked about GOT7’s unique horizontal team atmosphere that disregards ranking or age, BamBam answered, “We promised even before debut that we would speak informally to each other,” and JB added, “Isn’t it good to treat each other as friends*? During practice, there are times when I nag the boys and go ‘Let’s do it a little more, a little more’ but in normal circumstances, I don’t. No matter how you look at it, the 7 of us could be ‘working’ now but when this interview ends, we still continue ‘living’ together.”

Note: Friends in this case means friends of the same-age, or behaving as they are without taking into consideration the age difference.

Source DongA