180314 GOT7 JB to join singer-songwriter variety ‘Hyenas on the Keyboard’


Singer Park Jinyoung and GOT7’s JB will be making an appearance on ‘Hyenas on the Keyboard’.

According to an industry representative, Park Jinyoung and JB were scheduled to appear on ‘Hyenas on the Keyboard’ and have entered filming.

‘Hyenas on the Keyboard’ is a program that shows Korea’s representative singer-songwriters surviving the real music charts and it is a show that shows the real process of music creation by the singers and composers.

JYP’s representative Park Jinyoung, alongside composer-dol GOT7 JB who has written and composed title song ‘You Are’ and ‘Look’ are expected to reveal the process behind creating hit songs.

Currently, BTOB Im Hyunsik, singer Ailee, MeloMance Jeong Donghwan, and Rhythm Power are appearing on the show. With the addition of popular Park Jinyoung and JB, the program is set to be stronger.

Park Jinyoung, following his support for GOT7 in ‘Knowing Brothers’, is once again appearing on ‘Hyenas on the Keyboard’ in continuous support of GOT7. GOT7, the group which JB is in, is achieving their greatest result yet since debut with ‘Look’ and hence is being anticipated.

The segment featuring Park Jinyoung and JB will begin its first episode in early April. It airs every Friday at 11PM on KBS2.

Source Osen