180313 GOT7 stay up the night and witness ‘Look’ rising up on Melon chart



Is this real..?

If it’s like this, I’m going to cry. But I have to sleepㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ. ㅜㅜㅜㅜ


The moment we’ve been waiting and waiting for these 5 years😢


Shall I put it as being truly touched.. The continuous astonishment..

Am I asleep and just dreaming..

What happened.. While I was asleep..


Since our debut till now…
I’m (always) watching it🙏🏻

Why is time passing so slowly…😕
1 minute feels like 1 year…😳


Don’t worry everyone…
We will hit it big
We’re in the midst of hitting it now


Guys…I’m touched…It’s amazing…😭

……I can’t sleep…🐥💚

Is this real…seems like I’ll have to stay up all night with the ahgases today…let’s do it together 💚

It’s all thunks to ahgases! I can’t believe it… It feels like a dream…ahgase pride! See you at the radio later^^ I GOT7 thank you guys!!

Thanks to^^ Not thunks to

Note: Mark made a typo in his earlier tweet so he posted again to correct himself.