180313 GOT7 excels at 2X dance for ‘Look’ on Weekly Idol


Variety-dols GOT7 are scheduled to appear on Weeky Idol following their new release.

Global idols GOT7 visited Weekly Idol for their comeback and revealed a legendary performance of ‘Look’ performed at twice the speed.

On this day, leader JB, whom wrote and composed the song, introduced ‘Look’, invoking curiosity. Not only that, as GOT7 did a short dance during the opening, it arose anticipation for their performance. Following that, during the 2X speed dance segment, even though the beat was really fast, they showed off a perfect performance using all 4 sides of the stage. Once again, they solidified their position as a master for 2X speed dance. In seeing this, the MCs said, “It’s really fast but you did it really well,” complimenting them.

Following that, the MCs brought up on how GOT7 were chosen as the role models of children in Thailand after their parents. The MCs asked the reason behind the popularity of GOT7 overseas. GOT7 provided an unprecedented answer to avoid the mischievous MCs’ question, showing off their 5 year experience as variety-dols. However the MCs continued to pursue the answer and eventually saw GOT7 being flustered, bringing about huge laughter.

The episode of Weekly Idol with GOT7 will air on 14th March at 6PM KST.

Source Osen