180313 GOT7 breaks multiple personal records after barely 24 hours since ‘Eyes On You’ release


Since the release of GOT7’s new mini-album ‘Eyes On You’ at 6pm (KST) on the 12th of March, GOT7 has been breaking their own records, showing their steady growth as artists since their previous ‘7 for 7’ comeback.

With a total of 53,944 copies sold on the first day, ‘Eyes on You’ came in at the top spot on Hanteo’s real-time album charts. As of now, GOT7 has accumulated a sales result of a total of 127,139 copies, reigning at the top of Hanteo’s real-time chart for 2 consecutive days.

Their new title track ‘Look’ which was self-written and self-composed by GOT7’s leader, JB, has also taken the no. 1 spot on several real-time charts in Korea post-release. Apart from the title track, all 6 songs in their ‘Eyes On You’ album have also been rising on the charts since.

As of 5.30am (KST) on the 13th of March, GOT7 has achieved their best results on iCharts for a title track since debut, with ‘Look’ charting at #1 for Genie, Mnet Music, Naver Music and Soribada, #6 for Melon and #8 for Bugs. These results portray GOT7’s constant advancement as artists in Korea, especially since their title songs have yet to chart in the top 10 spots on Melon since the release of their title track, ‘If You Do’.

With their determination and unwavering support, Ahgases were up until the wee hours just to make sure that GOT7 do well on the charts. Based on the results, this showed that putting in the effort to support the members does eventually pay off. Not only Ahgases, but a majority of the members of GOT7 were seen staying up late on their SNS accounts together with fans, anticipating the chart results at each hour together. The unspeakable bond between Ahgases and the members of GOT7 strengthened further that dawn, as the members expressed their disbelief of the results, whilst showing gratitude towards their fans.

Apart from their success in Korea, GOT7 who is also known for their immense global popularity, proved their powerful international status once again, as ‘Eyes On You’ has since charted 1st on the ‘Worldwide iTunes Album’ chart post-release, making them the first Kpop group to have two albums reigning the charts. ‘Eyes On You’ is also No. 1 on iTunes charts in a whopping number of 21 countries, including Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Hungary, New Zealand, Brunei Darussalam and Laos.

Furthermore, as of 24 hours since the release of the music video for ‘Look’, the MV has reached over 6.5 million views, breaking their previous record of 4.3 million views for ‘Never Ever’ in 24 hours. The views are still on a steady incline, with a total of over 7.7 million views at the moment.

With GOT7 outdoing their previous accomplishments for ‘Eyes On You’ just barely within 2 days after the release, this proves to be a good kick-off for their comeback this March. If you have yet to watch their new MV for ‘Look’ and listen to their new releases, you can do so down below!

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Source Sports Chosun