180312 GOT7 “We still want to climb higher. There is still a road up even in our 5th year” ①


GOT7 is returning with an even more solidified side of themselves after finding their own color.

GOT7 who released ‘7 for 7’ in October last year are returning after 5 months and sat down for an interview with HeraldPOP for the comeback.  They mentioned, “For the second time, we have our own composed song as our title song so we’re really happy,” smiling away.

The title song ‘Look’ is set to match the color of the 7 individuals and is a song with house track foundations; it is a song that has a powerful performance in harmony with a bright sound, showing off music that is fun to watch and listen to.

“I’m really happy that a song I wrote and composed became the title song for the second time. When my song became the title for the first time, I was worried and wondered if going out to perform with my song would bring harm to our team but this time round the song came out really well so I have confidence myself.” (JB)

In making a come back with JB’s song, the GOT7 members showed off positive reaction. Yugyeom who felt addicted to the song the more he listened  to it said, “There were a lot of songs up for nomination to be the title song. But JB hyung’s song has a good rhythm, we liked it and after all the members recorded it, we really thought that the song is good,” he completed with a proud expression.

Youngjae added, “It gets addictive the more you listen to it. If I’m to be honest, at the start I told JB hyung ‘Would this be okay?’ but I began to like it and I gave my suggestions following it. But he didn’t listen to my suggestions,” he added laughing.

How did JYP respond? JB said, “Like always, Park Jinyoung PD-nim said it was good. He complimented me saying that I write a lot of good songs day by day showing it to him and I was trustworthy. And because I  brought a lot of new things (sounds), he gave positive reactions. He said that next time, I should write while paying attention to what can drive the concept and title so I’m paying attention to those things.”

GOT7 released a pre-release collaboration ‘One and Only You’ with Hyolyn before the official start of their comeback. GOT7 whom, for the first time in their careers, collaborated with a female vocal worried a lot but the results were good and they are happy about it.

“We worried a lot because it’s our first collaboration. We were collaborating with Hyolyn but we worried a lot if we would cause harm to Hyolyn. We worried on what we should do if the response wasn’t great but the atmosphere during recording was so good and we also heard that we match well so we’re happy. We also think that if we get to collaborate again next time, we can do better (than now).”

Coming from different agencies, there didn’t seem to be any form of connection between GOT7 and Hyolyn. JB said that they drive behind them working together was the fate made during ‘Fantastic Duo’.

“The response during ‘Fantastic Duo’ was really good. We wanted to do something different and in thinking who we should do it with, Hyolyn came up in our talks. Personally (we/I) are close too so we’re thankful to Hyolyn.”

GOT7 who debuted in 2014 and are in their 5th year of promotions were asked about their position in the entertainment world and they answered, “We still want to climb higher.”

“We are still lacking in a lot. If we think of our spot while doing this, we couldn’t be able to get here. If we did our music thinking of our position, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish what we have done.” (Jinyoung)

JB added on to Jinyoung’s answer. He said, “I don’t think we’re lacking when it comes to our abilities. We work hard on our lives and performances so we have confidence but when looking at popularity or musically, I think we are a group that still has a long way to go/rise. However, it’s not a ‘just rise up’ but rather positive thoughts of how there’s still the road up even in our 5th year. It’s because we believe that we are continually growing/developing.”

Source HeraldPOP