180312 GOT7 talks about new album, changes since last album and competition in March


Rather than talking about planes, growth, themselves, GOT7 are conveying the message of precious existence through the new album ‘Eyes On You’. This album, which sees a high level of participation from the members,  differs in music style for each track but the way it focuses on ‘You’ with a warm gaze remains throughout.

GOT7 will begin their comeback with the release of the new album ‘Eyes On You’ at 6PM on 12th March. It is a comeback after 5 months from the ‘7 for 7’ album that was released in October last year. Title song ‘Look’ is a song based on house music. Leader JB took part in the writing and composition of the song ‘Look’.


“I’m thankful in the mere fact that we are able to release an album that we worked hard on. Since we are in our 5th year of promotions, I had in mind how we need to show how we have matured and wanted to show how sincere we are, so we focused on that a lot. ‘Look’ is a song about how ‘you’ shouldn’t listen to what other people are saying, to let’s just love. It’s a song that is overflowing with confidence. There are many parts in the song that you can enjoy.” (JB)

Apart from this, you will also be able to enjoy BamBam’s ‘The Reason’, Youngjae’s ‘Hesitate’, Yugyeom’s ‘Us’ and Jinyoung’s ‘Thank You’, songs that the members took part in writing and composing.

 “The members participated a lot in this album. Since these are songs we made, we know them better and in that regard, we have more confidence to show it off better.” (Yugyeom)

“The song ‘Thank You’ is a song that is entirely made for the fans. There are lyrics that go ‘green light galaxy’ and it’s because the light from our lightstick is green. It’s a song about how we’re sorry and thankful about everything to the fans. I thought about making it a song that has a band feel so I made it that way.” (Jinyoung)

To make other changes, a break of 5 months is not sufficient but recently GOT7 changed the salon that they go to, paying great attention to the way they look.

“I grew the back of my hair out.  As we changed our shop, we each tried the new things we wanted to; I wanted to show off a look that was free and overflowing with energy and it seems like that styling came out.” (JB)

GOT7 started their comeback with a first ever collaboration done with Hyolyn for ‘One and Only You’. During Hyolyn’s appearance in ‘Fantastic Duo’, GOT7 lend their support and in seeing the good responses, they once again found a mutual understanding.

“There was thought that it would be nice if we showed off various sides so we ended up working with Hyolyn noona. It seems like both fans and the public liked it. The song that we wanted to collaborate on was not ‘One and Only You’ but (this) came out really well.” (JB)

Big Bang are suddenly  releasing a song on the 13th  and there are also releases from NCT127 and Wanna One, making it a March that is filled with comebacks. When asked if there were no pressure for the competition, if they were expecting good results, it was a question that could have gotten them to hesitate in replying but without a break, the members gave their answers, showing off their calmness earned from their 5 years of promotions.

“Going to on stage and freely enjoying ourselves – I think that our forte. Shall I say that we are not anticipating good results even when we do? I think we prepared well for this album and because of that our anticipations are high. So in order to not be disappointed, we should work hard. I hope we hear response from fans, public as well as from people who do music that this is a good album when they hear it. We want to be an artist in which people await our next news. .” (JB)

“I think that we can afford to be more free in our 20s. You wander around and you move forward. Every year I’m bounded by the thoughts ‘let’s do well, let’s do well’ but now that I’ve put down that thought and feel a little more free, it seems like everything seems a little more beautiful.” (Jinyoung)

GOT7 is giving notice in becoming a even more perfect one with their team work.  A strong determination can be read from the members’ resolution for this promotion. The participation from the members in this album is high and they tried their first ever collaboration therefore it is possible to see the different possibilities they will show through this album.

Youngjae said, “I want to imprint that GOT7 is a group with good abilities through this promotion round,” while BamBam added, “Now that we’ve changed our shop, even though we have the same face, you’ll be able to feel like we’re new people,” showing off his wit.

Jackson went on to say, “Our faces have grown older but music doesn’t change. I hope we gain more music fans.”

Mark concluded off with, “In sharing the love we received from the fans during the end of the year (shows), we will work hard in this promotion in order to not disappoint the fans,” delivering a promise.

Source My Daily