180312 GOT7 “Scared when hearing Knowing Brothers treat male idols strongly’ ③


To commemorate GOT7’s comeback after 5 months, the group appeared as a whole after a long time on a variety program to promote (themselves).

GOT7 sat down with HeraldPOP for a comeback interview and mentioned that “since it has been a while the group appeared as a whole on a variety program, we were very nervous”.

With ‘Knowing Brothers’ being the most popular variety program on JTBC of late, Yugyeom mentioned that “we went on the program with very nervous hearts. We were told that male guests who appear on the show are usually treated in a very strong manner so we went to record being very nervous and afraid, but surprisingly (the cast) took care of (us) very well and it turned out to be a pleasant and entertaining shoot. They gave each of us a chance, advising us and explaining to us that ‘when this happens, you can say this, when that happens you can do this instead’. They explained things to us and they took care of us so well, we were very grateful.”

“To help (us) promote our album, Park Jinyoung PD-nim decided to guest star on the show together. In terms of the amount of air-time (on the show), he had more to talk about since he is close to some of the people in the cast of ‘Knowing Brothers ’, so with the thought in mind that we needed to talk more too, we monitored the program and prepared a lot. We were very nervous at first but as we went on, the members of ‘Knowing Brothers’ treated us comfortably and even took care of our air-time (on the show), helping (us) at parts we lacked at, so the recording was fun and pleasantly done. ” (JB)

Having diligently done countless widespread music activities/promotions, and of course variety programs, dramas, and even duet promotions, there must have been many moments where GOT7 would have a deep impression of. To this, JB responded that “when we received compliments for our music, we are really happy”, choosing this as the moment that he felt joy and contentment.

“There was a music critic who reviewed our album and uploaded that review on a certain website. It was for our previous album, ‘7 for 7’ and that made me feel really good. (Our) fans really liked our album too but knowing that even a music critic liked our album after listening to it too gives me strength and makes me really happy.” (JB)

BamBam mentioned about receiving a gift from fans, saying “Our fans bought me a star. If you go to the NASA homepage, there really is a ‘BamBam’ star. It has meaning and it’s unique so I really like it.”

Yugyeom continued to add, bragging about how proud he felt of his fans, saying “When our fans gather money to donate to charities on special occasions like anniversaries, (our) fans appear even more beautiful and it leaves a deep impression.”

Lastly, GOT7 talked about their expectations for this album, showing off their confidence. JB who mentioned that it seems like GOT7 has completely found the style and colour that best suits them and wants more people to know about them as one of the goals for this album said that “Some of the more detailed goals are like placing first on music shows but we hope we can show others our colours even more”

GOT7, a team who is carefree and overflowing with energy has built on their own style and color. Because there will be many aspects that GOT7 will show and will continue to build and grow on in the future, they are definitely a group to be anticipated.

Source HeraldPOP