180312 GOT7 JB “Working with Hyolyn noona following the fate after Fantastic Duo.. Satisfying work”


GOT7 sat down for an interview on the 8th for March to commemorate their new album. During the interview, the collaboration with Hyolyn was brought up and leader JB said, “Following the fate from ‘Fantastic Duo’, we ended up working together.”

He added, “While thinking of how we should do this and with whom we should do it with, we thought of ‘Fantastic Duo’ and we ended up working with Hyolyn noona. When we first received the song, it matches our key (singing range) but it didn’t match Hyolyn’s noona so we adjusted it.”

“In ‘One and Only You’, Hyolyn noona and our traits match each other well and the song came out well. It’s a satisfying piece of work.”

He continued, “We tried something new and it would be great if we get to try even more interesting projects in the future too.”

Source Aju News