180312 GOT7 JB talks about how his song ‘Look’ gets chosen for the title song


Note: This translated article is part of a longer article. However, as there are repeated info that have already been translated in the previous interviews, this article will only include new information.

The title song for this album is ‘Look’.

“It’s a song I wrote. The members all wrote song and sent it to the company and after voting about 3 songs were selected. After another round of voting, ‘Look’ became the title song. ‘Look’ is a song that talks about not getting shaken by the words of others and to just head in the direction the heart wants. It’s frank content about emotions of liking (someone/something).” (JB)

Through this album, in order to grow, in order to be complete/whole, GOT7 spent some shaky times. However, through this, the members could mature and be stronger.

“We wavered. You could think of this album as an extension of the previous one but we wanted to show us who have firmed up/gotten stronger.” (BamBam)

“I am confident that ‘Look’ matches GOT7’s concept. For the previous albums, there were instances where we were shaky/wavering but I felt like this time round, we needed to show that we have gotten stronger. I’m approaching music seriously and I paid a lot of attention (for the song).” (JB)

Source Spot TV News