180312 GOT7 JB, Jinyoung “Would like to applaud those who gathered courage to come forward for the Me Too movement”


GOT7 members Jinyoung and JB revealed their thoughts on the Me Too movement.

Ahead of the new album ‘Eyes On You’, GOT7 sat down for an interview and spoke about various topics.

With regards to the Me Too movement that has spread throughout the entertainment industry, Jinyoung said, “I would like to applaud all the people who gathered up courage to come forward and talk about it.”

He added, “It’s not just in the Arts world or the entertainment world. I believe it is pain that is hidden everywhere. I hope that after the Me Too movement, (victims) would be able to relieve/let out the pain and confidently rise up.  The Me Too movement has a good influence so I hope it spreads out to the society at large. I support it.”

JB said ” I hope that unsavoury/shameful things like these cease to exist. I thought about how I should grow up right myself. I also thought of when I move forward and become a sunbae, I hope to become a role model that has no shameful matters.”

When asked if JYP Entertainment had education regarding this topic, he said, “In our company, there are various programmes (for trainees and artists). From when we were trainees, we received sexual education. You can also get (a program for) ‘mental care’. To JYP, your character is of utmost importance. He’s always talking about it and he gives a lot of advices.”

GOT7 will be releasing their new album ‘Eyes On You’ at 6PM of 12th March on various music charts.

Source Chic News