180312 GOT7 Jackson “When I’m doing music, I have to be serious”


GOT7 sat down recently or an interview to commemorate the release of their ‘Eyes On You’ album.

On this day,  Jackson had a serious attitude and was somewhat reserved, showing off a different atmosphere. If the Jackson you see on TV is a young man with overflowing jokes, on this day he emitted manly vibes.

In asking Jackson, “The atmosphere feels different”, he said, “In the past, I was in my rookie-state for 24 hours. Now, when I’m doing music or depending on the situation, I feel like I have to be serious. When I’m on a variety show, I’ll play excitedly. I think that I have to manage myself moderately.”

He added, “Thanks to variety shows, a lot of people know about me and in people recognizing me, I’m thankful. However, there are times when I have to do things seriously but people take it jokingly. Right now I’m living alone, and it was like that when I was signing the contract for my place. The realtor treated me in a light/humorous way.  That’s one of the instances when I felt like (I/people) should have their serious moments.”

Thereafter, one of the reporters asked, “Isn’t it because you’re dating?” and Jackson replied “Sorry? I don’t know Korean well,” and began speaking sloppily, making the whole venue burst into laughter.

Source News 1