180312 GOT7 “It’s what we’d like to tell the fans. We are strong. We are always working hard”


GOT7 “Our faces will grow old anyway, I hope we gain a lot of music fans”

GOT7 will be releasing their new album ‘Eyes On You’ at 6PM on 12th March.

Title song ‘Look’ is a song based on house track which matches the different colors of the 7 individuals. Including JB who has proved his potential as a singer-songwriter, the album also includes compositions by the other members, showing their growth musically.

The group who went, “Have confidence,” “We hope to have more music fans,” are generating anticipation for GOT7’s music.

<Next is a series of question during GOT7’s interview>

Q. Please give your thoughts on the comeback.

JB: It is an album that was prepared with hard work. I’m thankful by that fact that we’re able to release a good album. We’re a group already in our 5th year so I thought we had to show a side of us that was more mature and collected.
Yugyeom: The members participated a lot in this album. We know well the songs we made so there is more confidence in showing that well. The choreography for this time too is something we’ve not done before, we tried something new. We did choreography that was cross-sectional but this time round we made use of the camera work.  There are also parts where not everyone dance – where only some dance at a particular part and the others sit out.
Jackson: The title song was made by JB hyung. Please show lots of love.

Q. What kind of song is ‘LOOK’?

JB: It’s a song with frank content saying no matter how the people around us try to shake us, we should just love each other. It’s a song based on pop and with a trendy melody, it’s a song that you can enjoy.

Q. Are you saying GOT7 is being shaken?

JB: Rather than saying that it exist, it is something we’d like to tell the fans. We (the members) are strong/sturdy. We are always working hard. Please love our music lots.

Q. In the earlier interview for ‘7 for 7’, the answers felt like it was wandering around but this time round, the answers from the members feel firm.

BamBam: This album is an extension of the previous album. Since (we have been) shaken, we’ve become even firmer.
JB: The choreography, song, all the outcome came out great and it was an album that we paid a lot of consideration to. I think the song was also written well to match GOT7’s concept. It’s a song I made and it’s a little embarrassing to be showing it off but I am confident. I am approaching music seriously too.

Q. If you have confidence, do you also anticipate good results on the charts?

JB: Even if I do, I don’t. We prepared it solidly but on the other hand with high expectations, the disappointment could be large too… I thought about it on my own a lot. How should I be if I end up hurt. So I let go of the expectations a little.

Q. Still, it seems like GOT7 found a concept that fits you perfectly. 

JB: In the previous album, we promoted the sub-track ‘Teenager’. It has a feeling of freedom and overflowing energy. I think that suits us well.


Q. Not only the title songs but the other songs in the album were also made by the members. Please each introduce your track.

Youngjae: ‘Hesitate’ is a song I wrote. It’s the first song I wrote in my life so there is a significance to it. I’m still amazed by it.
BamBam: My  song is called ‘The Reason’. The songs I made previously had good response from the fans so I was able to feel a little more confident. I wrote happy lyrics this time round. Park Jinyoung PD-nim, the CEO, the members all said they like it so I hope the fans will like it too.
Yugyeom: ‘Us’ is an extension of the composition for ‘To Me’ that was a track in the ‘7 for 7’ album. ‘No matter what happens, we have to be together’, those are words that I’d like to convey to the fans. It has a Latin feel.
Jinyoung: ‘Thank You’ is a song that’s entirely made for the fans.  The light emitting from our fans’ lightstick is green in color so in the lyrics the word ‘green light galaxy’ appears. I am sorry and thankful to fans about everything. I wanted to try a slightly new genre so I included it in this album.

Q. Generally it seems like there’s a lot of songs (written) for the fans. 

JB: Overall, it is a song for the fans but for title song ‘LOOK’, general public who listen to it can also take away the feeling of leaving to find your dreams.
Jinyoung: Regarding our albums,  it’s been from the meetings to the wandering concept up till now so now we’re moving forward and holding on to that direction, we started on it. To fit that theme, we did the writing and the composing.

Q. You did a pre-release for ‘One and Only You’ with singer Hyolyn. You ave 7 members but with a featuring, the parts you’re given would be decreased even more. Please talk about working together (with Hyolyn). 

JB: Definitely. Of course there were issues with diving the parts. However, our wishes to show something new was bigger than that so we released it. The start was when we were on ‘Fantastic Duo’ with Hyolyn sunbaenim and the response was great. The song originally wasn’t ‘One and Only You’, it was another one but we pushed for it and it was released.

Q. You appeared on JTBC’s ‘Knowing Brothers’. Do you not have wishes to appear just as a group alone without Park Jinyoung PDnim?  

JB: The desire to appear alone..is there (hahaha). But Park Jinyoung PD-nim grasped the centre well. None of our members are close to any of the cast. Park Jinyoung PD-nim created the atmosphere well.
Jinyoung: Not only on ‘Knowing Brothers’ but we are planned for various variety shows. We also prepared a lot of our own content.

Q. On ‘Knowing Brothers’, you said that you’d like to be JYP’s main shareholders. Do any of you have any JYP shares? 

JB: Oh… (Hahaha) I learn that if you have the wrong shares, it could be a huge problem. And since I still need to learn about music, I haven’t been able to learn about shares yet.
Yugyeom: We don’t have shares from other entertainment companies too. (laughs)
Jackson: Shares! I’m preparing it. (laughs)

Q. In the previous interview, Jackson said that the awareness level is low. Did you become a little more popular after that?

Jackson: Yes. Lately there are many people who recognize me at the airport. However I hope peple from their teens to people in their 80s can know us. (If you want those in the 80s to know you, you need to release a trot album) Trot album! In the midst of preparation. (laughs)
Yugyeom: Jackson prepares a lot on his own (laughs)

Q. We are curious as to your secret behind maintaining the harmonious team work. 

BamBam: We’ve lived together since we were trainees and we’ve spent a lot of time together so we already know about each other. I think that it’s seems like a definite that our team work is good.
JB: If there’s an issue, even if it’s the smallest things, we solve it by the majority vote and communicate.  It’s a little embarrassing saying this but the members are all effeminate. We put our heads together, ask each other about his opinion and organize our thoughts. (laughs)
Jackson: Except for me.
Yugyeom: Jackson is the most effeminate.
Jinyoung: We talk a lot. Even when there’s problems, we sit in a room and resolve it by talking it out.  That is the secret to team work. In the center of it all, leader JB is there.

Q.  For a group in their 5th year, slowly there could have been solo releases. Do GOT7 not have plans for that?

Jinyoung: There is nothing we have discussed. However, the music that everyone pursues is different so I think it’s okay even if we release solo albums.
JB: Of course everyone has a goal that they each pursue. There hasn’t been any discussions on a solo album as of now. The direction is still that of the team being more important.
Youngjae: I think that if the team doesn’t exist, I wouldn’t be here either.

Q. There are plans for concerts in France, Europe in the second half of the year.

Jinyoung: Being able to head to Europe for the World Tour in itself is a great time, memory and honour. We have not been able to meet France fans yet and I think it would be very welcoming and fun. If I could make time, I’d like to visit Paris as well.
JB: We’ll be heading to France for the first time.  I hope that it becomes a good memory for both the fans and us.  We will show good stages.

Q.  What would you like to achieve through this album?

BamBam: I hope a lot of people like it. We worked hard making the title song and the other songs in the album. Also it would be nicer to receive awards at the end of the year and it would be nice to win first place on a music show as well.. Am I too honest? I hope it’s an album that brings about good results.
JB: I hope it’s an album that receives good reviews from critics as well as the general public. Above it all, I hope we become recognized as group that people anticipate the next move. I’d like to be an artist like that.

Q. Lastly, I’d like to hear your resolution for this album.

Youngjae: I’d like to imprint that GOT7 is a group with good skills. Therefore I’m diligently having lessons for live (singing). I will show it to everyone through my skills. To the point of astonishment.
BamBam: We’ve returned in a long time with a bright concept. I hope you enjoy it musically and visually. We changed our hair salon too. We will look like new people.
JB: We always talk about GOT7’s unique color. We’ve prepared thoroughly this time round. In definitively showing our color, I hope the fans are assured by it and go “This is why I like GOT7′. I hope the general public view us newly, thinking “There’s a group like this..”
Yugyeom: I’d like to promote joyfully with the hyungs, members, and fans. This time round, the melody is hip-hop. Bright feel, hip-hop swag! There are a lot of fun elements. And I hope everyone is happy.
Mark: I’d like to work hard promoting and not let down the fans.
Jinyoung: I will do it comfortably without any pressure. When making the album, there were a lot of concerns and it wasn’t easy but now that it’s released I’d like to promote freely. I’d like to the free feeling to be conveyed  to the fans and for them to enjoy our stages without any pressure.
Jackson: I hope we gain a lot of music fans. In 10, 20 years, our faces will grow old. Our looks will also fade. However, because music won’t change, I hope we gain a lot of music fans.

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