180312 GOT7 “Be it  through variety or unit promotions, we began having our own time. And because of that, I miss the members.” ②


GOT7, who are now in their 5th year of promotions and have become sunbaes in the industry, revealed their thoughts on becoming a role model to the juniors in their agency.

In their interview with HeraldPOP, GOT7 revealed, “We have to work even harder.”

“There is a new male idol group called Stray Kids that are debuting in our agency. It is a matter to truly congratulate on and I think we have to be even more of a role model for them. I think that we have to work harder and show them good sides of us.” (Youngjae)

When asked if there was no competitive spirit due to a male idol group coming from the same agency, JB said, “There is no competitive spirit. The music that those friends do and the music that we do are definitely different so we are of a relationship that cheers on one another. I think our role is to show a professional look when standing on stage so that they can look at us and can learn from it.”

In the same agency,  the members of sunbae group 2PM all re-contracted with the agency. This is something that is far and few in the idol world. With regards to 2PM, GOT7 said, “I think they’re amazing,” showing off their envy.

JB added, “The end of our contracts is still far for us so we have not talked about it yet. I think (2PM) is really amazing. I’m sure they would have gotten a lot of other offers too but I think it was a decision made to protect the team. I think that their will to  keep the team and their love for the team is truly something to learn from.”

“To re-contract for the second time means that their friendship is truly strong and because we too want to be together for a long long time, the next time I meet the 2PM members, I’m going to talk about this with them.” (Jinyoung)

With 7 men living life together, it’s hard to avoid troubles. To be able to resolve the conflicts and lead the item are necessities for a long-running group. With regards to this, GOT7 added, “Our team’s method is to have meetings regularly.”

“We sit down and talk about it. It is not possible for there to be no problems with 7 guys. If there are problems between 2 people, not only the 2 people involved but all of us will gather and talk about it; if there’s trouble during dance practice, we’ll stop practice, gather around and resolve it. We spend a lot of time talking, the 7 of us.” (Jinyoung)

“Be it  through variety or unit promotions, we began having our own time. And because of that, I miss the members. So now that we’re all adults, when work is over, we gather and have soju and have time to strengthen our friendship. We talk about fun things too.” (JB)

GOT7, a group with close teamwork, wants to go on for an even longer time together said that their last album’s goal was ‘for more people to know the group’. When asked if they were successful in that, they smiled and said, “We have to work a little harder.”

“Lately, more people recognize us at the airport. The staff, the workers in the duty free shops – a lot of people recognize us so I’m thankful. But of course, there are still elderly folks in their 60s and older who can’t recognize us so the goal for 2018 is for more people to recognise GOT7. Haha.” (Jackson)


Source HeraldPOP