180312 GOT7 attribute hot response overseas to multinational members


Note: This translated article is part of a longer article. However, as there are repeated info that have already been translated in the previous interviews, this article will only include new information.

In commemoration of the new album, GOT7 will be holding a World Tour starting in May and will be visiting countries such as North America, South America, Europe, Thailand, Macao, Taipei, Jakarta, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul.

They said, “Speaking objectively, the responses from overseas are better than in Korea. The power of multinational members is strong. When other teams head overseas, they would need a translator but be it in Japan, States, or Thailand for us, we get to communicate directly with the fans and I think that touches the fans.”

They also added, “The next album would most probably be a full-length album. Please anticipate it.”

Source Yeon Hap News