180307 GOT7 tops Synnara real time album sales chart for new mini album ‘Eyes on You’


At approximately 2am (KST) on the 7th of March, GOT7 has topped Synnnara’s real-time album sales chart yet again for their soon to be released mini-album, ‘Eyes on You’, and remained in the top 3 spots several times throughout the whole of yesterday.

With their fast approaching comeback, GOT7 is increasingly anticipated and fans are eager to see what GOT7 will bring to the KPOP scene this March. The album is set to have 3 versions and is to be released in less than a week’s time on the 12th of March at 6pm (KST), with the main title track ‘Look’ self-composed and self-written by GOT7’s leader, JB.

If you have yet to pre-purchase a copy of their new mini album ‘Eyes on You’, you can still do so here to obtain the pre-order benefits.

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