180306 SF9 gush over GOT7 during Kiss The Radio with special DJs Youngjae and Yugyeom


On 6th March, GOT7 Youngjae and Yugyeom hosted Hongki’s Kiss The Radio as special DJs, filling in for Hongki who was away on another schedule. On this day, 4 members of SF9: Inseong, Dawon, Rowoon, and Chani guested on the show.

Starting their segment together, Yugyeom commented that both GOT7 and SF9, frequent the same hair salon and do run into each other from time to time. It was, however, their first time meeting each other on an official schedule and when Yugyeom asked how the members of SF9 they felt, Rowoon said that GOT7 has always been seniors that they like and respect. Dawon then added that whenever SF9 greeted GOT7 at the salon, it was possible for GOT7 to just acknowledge them nonchalantly due to their fatigue, but he mentioned that GOT7 have always treated them warmly and it made them support GOT7 even more from the sidelines.

A listener then sent in a message asking if Yugyeom knew that Chani was also good in dancing. Yugyeom said that he had once seen Chani dancing during a dry rehearsal. He had first known Chani as an actor through a drama so subconsciously he had a preconception but he noticed that Chani dances really well. Upon hearing Yugyeom’s compliment, Chani responded that he would work even harder and be a junior that Yugyeom can be proud of. Dawon and Inseong then revealed that Chani often look up videos of Yugyeom dancing, even the ones that Yugyeom uploads on his Instagram. Chani then smiled while saying, “I’m really a fan!”.

After the second half of the show began, a fan sent in a request, asking for Inseong to do a freestyle rap. With confidence, Inseong said he would straight away begin the rap.

Yo special DJ, Youngjae
Your face is Youngjae (a genius)
When I listen to your songs
My heart is always fluttering

Yo dancing machine Yugyeom
I respect your dancing skills
GOT7 is Korea’s legacy
Like Tripitaka Koreana

Taking both the special DJs by surprise, both Youngjae and Yugyeom were very pleased and thanked Inseong for his efforts.

Towards the end of the show, Yugyeom asked SF9 for their thoughts on the show. Dawon started by saying, “It was really nice,” to which Youngjae and Yugyeom said the show was really fun and they received energy from SF9. Dawon then continued, “They(GOT7) are sunbaenims that we often see and for treating us very kindly, we were really comfortable (during the show). I hope that in the future when we run into each other, we’ll be able to sincerely greet each other welcomingly.” Youngjae then agreed and told SF9 to treat them casually and said, “If you treat us with caution*, it becomes hard for us as well because we won’t know what to do. Just be comfortable with us, and we will too.” Rowoon then added that they’ve always wanted to get closer to GOT7 and Inseong said that they’ve wanted to be the first to strike a convo with them. Youngjae was surprised and asked them “Ah really?” a couple of times before once again telling SF9 to be comfortable with them. Yugyeom then added that GOT7 will begin promotions next week and they too will comfortably greet SF9.

Inseong further added that, “like the members, I too see (GOT7) often at the hair salon. I also listen to (GOT7) songs often and watch their dances a lot. Being able to personally converse like this, they are even kinder, so I will wink (to GOT7) when we meet on shows.” Yugyeom then kindly added, “I/We will accept that wink.”

Moving over to Rowoon, he continued, “Like I mentioned earlier, (you) have always been seniors that I’ve wanted to get close to. You are also sunbaenims that I really like. I’m really happy to be here together today. It was a really happy time.”

Chani then wrapped up with, “Like the hyungs mentioned earlier, you are seniors that I look up to/respect. I also look up your videos a lot. I’m thankful and honoured that we are able to be here together today. I would be really happy if an opportunity like this arises again.”

From the responses of the members of SF9, Youngjae and Yugyeom were in awe and thanked SF9 for their never-ending compliments and kind words of praise. As they parted ways, they took photos together and Chani handed both the special DJs a copy of their newest album.

GOT7, SF9, we are cheering on your friendship!

*treat us with caution: Youngjae meant that if SF9 were to be cautious of GOT7 due to the senior/junior ranking, it would make GOT7 feel awkward and not know how to respond.


This is a post written by ahgawings.com