180302 Jinyoung quietly encourages his younger brothers in latest episode of ‘GOT7’s Working Eat Holiday’


On this week’s episode of ‘GOT7’s Working Eat Holiday in Jeju’ which aired on the 28th of February, the members of GOT7 were seen splitting into teams (Decorating Team – Jinyoung, Youngjae and BamBam, Grocery Shopping Team – JB, Mark, Jackson and Yugyeom) to complete delegated tasks for their preparation of their food truck service on the show.

Before separating into teams, the members huddled together in the living room of their temporary dorm in Jeju (for the show) to brainstorm and finalize the name of their food truck. After much contemplation, the members decided on the name JB and Jackson co-suggested, ‘세봉 이레봉’, which sounds like the famous convenience store ‘7-11’. This was a clever play on words to include the number ‘7’ (the number of members in their group), and also ‘한라봉’, the name of the mandarin oranges Jeju is most known for.

Jinyoung later proposed to also change the ‘세’ in ‘세봉 이레봉’ to ‘새’, which also translates to ‘se’ in ‘Ahgase’. His simple yet thoughtful suggestion shows how he is always appreciative of Ahgases’ unwavering love and support, seeing how he always puts his fans first in his thoughts.

To elevate the group’s morale and fighting spirit before splitting into teams, Jinyoung even suggested that they do their signature ‘G-O-T-7 Jjai!’ fighting cheer, in which the members exclaimed was “too cheesy” but still willingly participated in nonetheless.

As the grocery shopping team left the dorm, the decorating team remained to welcome the food truck and proceed with the decorations. Jinyoung’s good mannerism towards the food truck owner set a good example for BamBam and Youngjae as he very politely bid the truck owner goodbye, causing the younger members to follow suit before starting on their decorating process.

The three members began with the decorations for the truck’s main banner, where BamBam, who is known to be the member with the most artistic flair and prowess of GOT7, started to do a rough sketch of the designs. Almost immediately, Jinyoung could be heard encouraging and praising BamBam, saying that “he was good at things like these”.

As they focused intently on painting the banner, Youngjae initially seemed to have a hard time and spaced out quite a fair bit. Jokingly, Jinyoung asked if the younger one was asleep instead of working. Shortly after, Youngjae started playing around with the paint and seemed to enjoy doing it as he exclaimed that “this is fun”. Painting right beside Youngjae, Jinyoung replied that “as long as you’re having fun, it’s okay, since we came to Jeju to have fun”. Jinyoung continued to praise Youngjae’s technique (dabbing the paint to look like a flower) and even pointed it out to BamBam. Although he said these comments in a very nonchalant manner, there was warmth and positive encouragement in his words as he quietly motivated the younger members in his own way.

Once the other team came back from grocery shopping, the members started cooking in teams, to test out their recipes for the food they were to sell the following day. Seeing the members prepare food in the kitchen, BamBam was reminded of the time he used to help out his mother at her restaurant before he debuted in Korea as a member of GOT7, saying that at that time it was “really tough”. As soon as Jinyoung heard that, he exclaimed repeatedly that BamBam was “really cool” for being such a filial and helpful son.

Jinyoung’s attentiveness and consideration seen in this episode of ‘GOT7’s Working Eat Holiday’ towards the younger members clearly depict his tender-hearted and compassionate disposition. Although his reactions and expressions are most of the times not loud or flashy, Jinyoung cares for and looks after the members in his own ways, and his mannerism is highly worthy of praise and mention.

Watch the full subbed episode down below!

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