180228 GOT7 joins crowdfunding campaign to support fire fighters

Fire fighters, the real life heroes who protect us

“I’m okay. If I don’t inhale the smoke, the young children and the elderly in the fire would get hurt. So no questions asked, instinctively our bodies will put of the fire first.” In order for citizens to make an escape though a small gap in the window, the superheroes who use their back as a shield! This is not the story of a hero in a movie. There are ‘super hero fire fighters’, the ones closest to us.

The positive icons who always say ‘i’m okay’

The fire fighters in our country are always busy. Due to lack of resources, they have to learn how to pry open a door, coax a cow in the middle of a road in the countryside, pick off icicles.
To these people, even without a special strongly made shield, without a hammer that can do anything, without a cape that can protect them from danger, even during life-or-death situations, they always say ‘I’m okay’. These people who became fire fighters to protect people always say they are okay.

fire fighter dads and moms who are always sorry in not being able to be with their families

Looking at the smiles of family members welcoming the fire fighters who make it home safely always make the tiredness dissipate. They are always sorry for not being able to spend birthdays with their loved ones, and because of the busy nature of life, there are barely any photos taken (with family members) outdoors.
For the familes of these fire fighters, Korea’s fire fighters and Bestian Foundation are working together, gathering an over-flowing energetic fire fighter family. Together with 7 fire fighter families, we gathered 7 photographers as well.


our hearts that are cheering on fire fighters.

‘S.A.V.E. Campaign’ is an acronym for ‘S’uperheroes ‘A’ttract ‘V’aluable ‘E’nergies. The gathering of the valuable energies of the super heroes. The photos of the 7 fire fighters and their families are included in the products.
The profits of the funding would be used to send the fire fighter families on a holiday where they can recuperate. As as the fire fighters requested, half of the funding will go towards people who are going through difficult times after suffering from burns. Through the  ‘S.A.V.E.Campaign’, let’s support the Korean fire fighters who are in need of a recharge!


– ‘S.A.V.E. CAMPAIGN’ is joined by global idols got7 and social enterprise ‘fire markers’.

GOT7’s support message and signature will be included in the purchase of S.A.V.E plan book and post calendar.

You can check out the site here.