180226 Global Marketing rep at Shinsegae compliments GOT7 and tells fans to anticipate the stores & airport


Me shooting with my new model🗣 Discovering this photo and seeing the back of me working is so hilarious🤣🤣 Our new models, you’ve worked really hard and you’re clearly the best! It came out really well so as the brand planner, I’m happy🙏🏻 Our hcp production team, Shin CEO, cool jyp people, the team under Soojeong, the team under Inki, BOONTHESHOP, Shinsegae Luxury Fashion team and lastly our advertising team I love you💜  Fans, please don’t follow me here but @shinsegaedutyfree here instead and please anticipate for the stores and the airport lotsㅋㅋ👀

You can see the original photo here.

Source @jade_choroc