180225 Staff praises GOT7’s manners, says they’re not a group who does lip service


Only translated parts related to GOT7.

Last week, SanMaNong DeureuMaNong* appeared on a show
It was on the main page of Naver’s Entertainment page so a lot of people would have watched it right

Top idol group GOT7 stayed for 3 days 2 nights and personally cooked and ate
They filmed for a variety programme for their fans who have been waiting
Although it was from November last year, it’s only now that our pension was shown on broadcast.

From now on, it will show on Naver, MBC Music, MBC YouTube for 4 episodes [Only 3 left moving forward]
Since our pension will be shown a lot, please tune in lots ^^

I remember the GOT7 members sincerely liking the place
They said they wanted to live here and the place was really nice, leaving a lot of compliments

Of course it could have just been lip service but looking at their personality, they don’t seem to do a lot of lip service hehehehe
GOT7 members’ manners are really good

Up till now, I’ve been with idols thrice for Jejudo projects [GFriend, Twice]
Everyone’s kind and have good manners but [GOT7] is the one that left me with the most impression

Is it because they’re male idols? All of them are responsible, have good manners and definitely feels a little different from the female idols ^^

Since they are having their comeback soon, I hope that it becomes one that is successful ^^


Note: SanMaNong DeureuMaNong is the name of the pension.

Source 비니네님