180224 GOT7 mischievously correlates their immense popularity in Thailand to BamBam


On the 23rd of February, the members of GOT7 attended a live broadcasted talk show in Thailand, hosted by Woody of ‘Woody World’. The main purpose of this broadcast was to advertise the ongoing campaign ‘est Cola’ is currently hosting, where 20 lucky winners will be awarded with VIP tickets to GOT7’s upcoming world tour stop in New York.

During the live broadcast, the members touched on the unique points of their fast approaching world tour, where Mark proceeded to mention that there would be concert stops in countries/cities which they have yet to perform at, including Mexico, Europe, and North America. He also cleverly added that the tour was more special this time due to their collaboration with ‘est Cola’, displaying his great sense and wit.

The host continued to mention that their newly filmed ‘est Cola’ advertisement was receiving abounding positive responses from the audience in Thailand, proving once again of their unstoppable growing popularity as a group. Being the leader of GOT7, JB humbly replied that it was because of the efforts of the video editing team that the advertisement was receiving such results.

Check out the advertisement in full here!


When asked where would they choose to go if they had the chance to tour New York with fans, Jackson immediately voiced out that they would love for fans to come to their concert venue. Youngjae, whom recently decided on his own to head to New York to receive vocal lessons for self-improvement, confidently but mischievously chipped in and said to “just trust and follow me” because he “lived there for 2 weeks”, bringing much laughter to the host and members.

Jinyoung also mentioned that for the year of 2018, Ahgases could first of all anticipate their soon to be released album ‘Eyes on You’ in March and their upcoming world tour, which they have finished preparing for. He also proceeded to add that there were many plans for GOT7 in 2018 that they have yet to announce, and to show them lots of love and support in the new year too.

When the host asked what GOT7 thought was the reason behind their flourishing popularity in Thailand, Jackson mentioned that it was first and foremost due to the help of ‘est Cola’. He then playfully passed on the responsibility to Youngjae to provide the second reason, who forwarded the question to Yugyeom to answer.

Being close same-aged friends, Yugyeom pointed out that it was because of BamBam that they were able to do well in Thailand. This opened the floodgates of teasing BamBam by the members, where they proceeded to put him in the spotlight by profusely thanking him when they got the chance, making him feel somewhat shy and flustered.

The host responded to their beagle-like behavior by complimenting the members, mentioning that GOT7 seemed to have a very close-knitted and entertaining relationship and that it was very pleasant to see each member so full of smiles and laughter. The members seized this opportunity to yet again tease BamBam, saying how “everything is because of BamBam”.

In the midst of the chaotic unfolding, flustered, BamBam passed the attention he was receiving back to the host, saying it was because of “Big brother Woody”. Woody immediately reverted the attention back to BamBam and joined in with the remaining members to once again put BamBam at the center of attention.

Towards the end of the broadcast, the host requested that GOT7 do a 5-word acrostic poem with ‘태국 아가새’, which translates to ‘Thailand Ahgase’. Jinyoung, who is known to excel in this area due to his wide reading habits and keen intellect, was passed on the responsibility.

Immediately, following the mood and atmosphere of the broadcast, Jinyoung recited the poem at the top of his head as follows:

태: 태국의 (Thailand’s)

국:국민적인 뱀뱀 (National treasure BamBam)

아: 아이구 감사함니다(Aigoo, thank you)

가: 가자!! (Let’s go!!)

새: 세로운 월드 ((towards a) New world)

This raised a storm of laughter and exclamations of approval from the members, proving once again of Jinyoung’s genius poetic abilities.

The broadcast ended on a high and happy note with members Jackson and JB posing sexily and cutely (respectively) with the new packaged edition of ‘est Cola’ bottles.


If you listen closely enough in the background, while talking to Yugyeom and Jinyoung, BamBam mentioned “…yesterday it was Yugyeom too…it was this person’s idea”, while pointing towards Jinyoung. He was referring to the fiasco of how the members started posting photos of Yugyeom reading a book on the plane on their SNS accounts, exposing Jinyoung as the mastermind behind the whole thing.

Watch the full broadcast of the talk show down below!


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