180223 Jinyoung gets flustered at being called ‘darling’ and ‘baby’ for ‘Unexpected Housemates’


In ‘Unexpected Housemates’ Han Hye Yeon appeared as a home owner whom made her house mates’ hearts flutter. Han Hye Yeon started with calling Block B’s PO and GOT7’s Jinyoung ‘darling’ and ‘baby’ and even showed off her ‘special room’ making the two of them surprised.

On the upcoming episode of ‘Unexpected Housemates’ airing on the 23rd, PO and Jinyoung will be seen to be flustered by Han Hye Yeon’s charms. In the midst of the anticipation from their first meet that was revealed earlier, PO and Jinyoung being flustered is attracting attention.

According to the producers, Han Hye Yeon began addressing PO and Jinyoung as ‘darling’ and ‘baby’ immediately. The two people were seen to be really flustered by her uncommon nicknames and it is wondered if the two persons would be able to adjust to the nicknames eventually.

It was also revealed that Han Hye Yeon revealed her ‘special room’ to the two of them. Before revealing the room to them, she said, “As soon as you see this, you might faint and leave!” and looked nervous.

PO whom peeked into the room before walking in had an expression of disbelief. Jinyoung whom walked out after going into the room looked like his soul left him.

Not only that, Han Hye Yeon made it a rule for the two of them who became at a loss for words, for the room to remain only their knowledge, making them laugh. You will be able to watch a flustered PO and Jinyoung at Han Hye Yeon’s unique charm on the episode airing on the 23rd. In addition, due to the Olympics, today’s episode of ‘Unexpected Housemates’ will be airing at 11:40PM instead.

Source Sports Chosun