180223 Jinyoung floors Han Hye Yeon with his manners and speech style


On the episode of Unexpected Housemates that was aired on 23rd February, superstar stylist homeowner Han Hye Yeon meets up with GOT7 Jinyoung in a cafe located near her apartment. Han Hye Yeon is a stylist known for her relationship with superstars in the acting world while Jinyoung dabbles in singing, dancing, acting and emceeing for shows.

As the homeowner, Han Hye Yeon waited nervously for her new housemates. While we were caught off guard, both nervous and hesitant, Jinyoung entered the cafe cautiously, making for an awkward entrance.

After confirming that he was to be the new housemate, Jinyoung introduced himself as GOT7’s Jinyoung. Flustered by the first meeting, the information flew past her and Han Hye Yeon had to ask after his name again for reconfirmation. In a recap, Han Hye Yeon had mentioned that despite of her job in the industry, she didn’t know of any idols.

Han Hye Yeon then proceeded to invite him to sit across her in the cafe, and mentioned that a baby (Jinyoung) had come to live with her (both Han Hye Yeon and Jinyoung have a huge age gap between them). Sitting across her, Jinyoung asked if she was someone who is currently working in the clothing industry, mentioning that he had seen her in an appearance she made on an episode during Radio Star.

Once again exchanging greetings, Han Hye Yeon asked after Jinyoung’s age. Upon sharing that he was 25 this year, she once again commented on his youth to which he apologized for. She said he had nothing to apologize for, and after which he introduced himself once again. Han Hye Yeon politely asked how she should address him, and he replied “Jinyoung-ah” (a way of addressing someone younger/close to you) would be okay.

Han Hye Yeon mentioned that the huge gap between their ages was the reason behind her being flustered and Jinyoung told her to be comfortable with him. She told him to think of her as an older noona and he readily agreed, even before she questioned him about his mother’s age. When Jinyoung mentions that his mother is in her late 40s, she gets a shock and tells him not to call her ‘mother’. He cutely nods and repeats that she’s an older sister to reassure her. When asking after her name, he addressed her as ‘teacher’ (a term used to address someone much older/senior than you are) before quickly correcting himself to call her ‘older sister’.

Han Hye Yeon proceeds to ask him about his schedule of late and he said that they (GOT7) have recently completed preparations for their new album. Stealthily, she asked if GOT7 comprised of 7 members and he nodded. She lowered her head in embarrassment and Jinyoung quickly piped in to say that she could just take her time to get to know him.

Following that, she added that she was lacking in many areas and that she has problems recalling names. Jinyoung asked if his name wasn’t simple to remember and she mentioned that it’s the same as a certain person (JYP). He then told her that he is under said person’s company as an artist, which Han Hye Yeon belatedly realizes and tells him that she is someone who is relatively ignorant. Jinyoung quickly denies while she repeatedly told him of her ignorant character and comforted her that it was okay not to know. 

As their conversation continued, they touched on the conditions they each wanted to be met before agreeing to live together. Mentioning once again on how she thought she was someone who lacked a lot, Han Hye Yeon’s condition was for the new housemates to teach her a new skill, and that she wanted to learn how to dance with swag. She then added that her ability to learn to dance ends at following the dance taught to her, but lacks in the emotional aspect.

Jinyoung responds by saying that he is capable of teaching a little, to which she swoons at. However, Han Hye Yeon mentioned that because of her age, whatever she does must emit a motherly vibe. Jinyoung eases her worry and tells her that even that is a vibe in itself. Taken aback by his kind words, she mentioned that looking at his personality, he must have grown up in a loving environment. He disagrees and she repeats that his beautiful manner of speech has to be because he grew up in a home overflowing with love.

He then shyly smiles and admits that his parents were quite the loving pair.

After Block B’s P.O joined them and revealed himself as the third housemate, they go over Jinyoung’s condition on living together. The first condition he wanted was to be allowed to clean up and organize things for the homeowner. He mentioned that living together may make things disorganised and messy and that he liked cleaning up as well.

Hearing his words, Han Hye Yeon is visibly smitten and randomly asks why he is so pretty. Jinyoung gets flustered while Han Hye Yeon continues to say that his eyes are like that of a deer’s, calling him a baby deer and later a water deer. Jinyoung becomes so embarrassed that he keeps his head down while P.O jokingly laughs at Jinyoung’s embarrassment. P.O laughed cheekily whilst parroting Han Hye Yeon’s words and poking Jinyoung’s cheek exclaiming “Jinyoung is pretty!” to Han Hye Yeon’s delight.

Jinyoung wrapped up his conditions, stating that his second and third condition was to watch a movie together (Detective Conan!) and eat eel or meat together. After listening to everyone’s conditions and signing the agreement, the newly aqquainted trio then headed up to Han Hye Yeon’s place to officially begin their stay together. The next episode of Unexpected Housemates is set to air on the 2nd of March.

Watch clips of the first meeting below!


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