180223 GOT7 dedicates one of a kind award to beloved Ahgases


Recently, Vlive announced the Top 10 Global Artists of 2017 (1st Jan– 25th Dec 2017) based on their criteria of the sum of weighted views, likes, comments, and attendance rates on channels. Being known for having an immense global popularity and dedicated fans, GOT7 was undoubtedly awarded a spot among the 10 for a second year in a row. Thailand, China and USA were known to be the top 3 highest grossing countries for GOT7’s Vlive videos for 2017.

As part of the campaign, fans were given the opportunity to get creative and design an award/certificate for their favorite stars. The certificate with the highest number of likes was to be presented directly to stars on the designated day of their live broadcast.

This past Valentine’s Day, all 7 members of GOT7 made their appearance for the live broadcast. Donned in their stage/red carpet attires they wore to the 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards which they attended just minutes before, each member displayed high levels of professionalism and showed no signs of fatigue despite having a prior schedule to the Vlive.

Even before the start of the broadcast, Ahgases unleashed their inner “Phoenix” abilities and broke not only their previous record of 260M+ hearts for 7for7 showcase, but also the highest record of hearts (800M+ hearts) received on a Vlive broadcast before the live show started.

GOT7 who noticed Ahgases’ efforts individually did ‘aegyo’ in their own unique styles to show their gratitude and appreciation. Ahgases continued to shower GOT7 with endless love and support throughout the broadcast, reaching over a whopping 1.05 billion hearts as the live broadcast came to an end, setting an all-time high record.

The main highlights of the broadcast was when the members were dramatically presented with not one, but two trophies (Good-Looking Early Bird + Best Friendship Award and Vlive Top 10 Award), bringing their trophy count awarded for the day to a total of 4 (inclusive of awards earned at Gaon Chart Music Awards – Hot Performer of the Year & World Hallyu Star Award).

The former award, was as mentioned earlier, a unique award presented by fans to GOT7, for being charismatic and suave throughout the year of 2017. Not forgetting their tight-knit bond and iconic customized friendship necklaces, Ahgases saw fit that GOT7 were also crowned the ‘Best Friendship’ title.

To express their gratitude, GOT7 returned the favour by dedicating a one of a kind, self-customised award to Ahgases. The members proceeded to throw out ideas which they deemed most appropriate for the naming of the award. Jackson, with his quick-wit and intellect, immediately suggested the name 세상/새의상, which directly translates to ‘World’, and a clever play on words to also mean ‘Ahgase’s Award’. BamBam seemed to agree with this idea, and without hesitation mentioned that it was because Ahgases meant the world to them.

As the word award is 상 in Korean, the other names that the members suggested were all too wordplays of words that ended off with 상. Here are some of the names they came up with:

Name Meaning
‘환상’ (‘Fantasy’) ‘You are my fantasy’
‘GOT7과 함께 항상’ ‘Always with GOT7’
‘GOT7의 행복한 상상’ ‘GOT7’s Happy Fantasy’
‘가상’ (‘Virtual’) ‘Where only in a virtual world would GOT7’s love for Ahgases come true’
‘여러분의 따뜻한 마음은 항상 저히에게 신상’ ‘Everyone’s warm heart always feels new to us’

Known for their beagle-like personalities, words such as ‘식상’ (Fed-up),‘책상’ (Desk – Because we can lean on you), ‘걸상’ (Stool) and even ‘길상’ (their old manager’s name) came up amidst the chaotic discussion.

After much contemplation, considering the duo meaning and meaningful connotation, the members decided on the very first name suggested by Jackson (세상/새의상), to emphasise how important Ahgases are to them.

The live broadcast continued to show highlights of GOT7’s Vlive videos throughout 2017, bringing much warmth and laughter to the members as they reminisced on the happenings of the past year. With a total of over 4 million subscribers to their Vlive channel, GOT7 has agreed to make another promise (to be confirmed on a later broadcast) should they reach the next milestone of 5 million subscribers.

Check out the full show below!


This is a post written by ahgawings.com