180215 Jinyoung calls in to Hongkira radio and talks about upcoming album

source: ALMOO

As one of the idols born in the Year of the Dog, GOT7’s Jinyoung called into KBS Hongki Kiss The Radio on 15th February and sent his greetings for the Lunar New Year. DJ Hongki noted that Jinyoung and Youngjae filled in for him when he could not carry out his DJ duties and Jinyoung jokingly responded that the two of them want the DJ spot.

Asking about his plans for the Lunar New Year, Jinyoung mentioned that he would probably be busy practising for GOT7’s upcoming comeback in March. He also described the album as ‘something you won’t get to see again’ and ‘something that is made without any regrets’. Building up the anticipation for the album, Jinyoung also mentioned 3 things that he would like to happen to GOT7 this year: (1) Wrap up concert safely (2) Release another album in the year (3) Visiting Hongkira for the next album.

Check out the subbed version of his phone call below!


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