180214 Jackson tells everyone to hold his hand and sneak into future award shows together


​Title: ​​​​Wang Puppy’s Year, Wang Puppy’s Voice 2

Wang Puppy’s Year
Wang Puppy’s Voice 2
For those of you who were not able to come, don’t be too sad
Since I’m always by your side😏…
😒 Not by your side always but
Just think of it that way
I know ticketing is hard
I couldn’t buy tickets (to attend) either
I just entered the venue secretly😑
Since I’m only telling this to just you
Please don’t tell it to anyone else..
Next time, let’s all go in together secretly
Hold my hand … Hold it tight
(So tight) your blood can’t flow
And enter (the venue)
See you again
But since my eyesight isn’t good, I may not see you
So come close