180213 Jackson says he can’t see well so you need to come closer in his dreams


​Title: ​​​​Wang Puppy’s Year, Wang Puppy’s Voice

Wang Puppy’s Year
Wang Puppy’s Voice

I am going to Gaon Award ceremony tomorrow.
Everyone, if you have plans to come, come comfortably kekeke
Why? Because I’m going!
BUT you must eat before coming!!
If you’re not going to eat, then don’t come!!
Eat good food, even dessert too and as you think of me, digest your food and after that….. come
After our performance ends tomorrow, there’s a 93.8% chance that I wouldn’t be able to send you a greeting so I’d like to say upfront: please head home safely.
Once you’re home safely, come to my Instagram and leave a comment saying you’ve reached home!!
That way I can sleep comfortably.
If you want me to sleep, you must leave a comment!
If you don’t leave a comment, my eyes will soon turn into panda eyes.
Anyway, have fun before leaving!!
See you tomorrow!

I don’t have good eyesight but I can see all of your lightsticks.
Seems like I wrote too much… ke I think I should stop writing

Bai bai
See you in my dreams

But since I don’t have good eyesight, if you don’t come closer in my dream, I can’t see you
so you must come close
Come and tap on my shoulder and go “Seun-ah~”
Sorry I think I wrote too much I think I should stop… keke
Goodbye for real
Bye for real
Really goodnight