171011 Jackson: In the future too, I’ll be promoting diligently as GOT7 Jackson


GOT7 Jackson is dispelling fans’ anxiety.

During the round table comeback interview on the 11th, Jackson mentioned, “In the future too, I will diligently promote as GOT7 Jackson.”

In the announcement of the Japan album releasing in November, through the official homepage, it was announced that Jackson will not be participating in Japanese promotions. JYP Entertainment said, “Because of schedules and the need to maintain his condition, a decision was made following that.”

After that, awaiting Jackson’s moves, the fans’ anxiety could be felt. The rumors of him leaving the team boiled over. With regards to that, Jackson said, “I will work hard as GOT7’s Jackson,” resolutely drawling a line.

Jinyoung added, “Korea, China, and Japan are divided into borders but our fans are one. It is just one of the ways to show our various sides to all our fans. I don’t think (fans) need to be concerned or worried,” he added.

They have not even thought of breaking up or having any member break away from the team.

Youngjae said, “I think everyone has a loyalty to the team. We all have a dream of ‘I want to protect this team’, or ‘How should we create this team?’ so no one is breaking away and we are all together.”

Foreigner member BamBam said, “We’ve spent 3-4 years together as trainees before our debut. As we match ourselves to one another, we have fought with one another but we did all the fighting during our trainee period and when we debuted, we were all already in tune with one another. We were already at the stage of knowing each other’s personalities and knowing what one likes and what one doesn’t.”

He added, “Even though we have a lot of foreign members, when we are together, it is to the point of not being able to distinguish which member is the foreigner and which member is the Korean,” making everyone laugh.


Source BizEnter