171011 GOT7 “Want to be a team that arouses curiosity”


What kind of future does GOT7 want for their team?

GOT7 sat down for a round table interview with the press on the 11th and spoke about the future they want for the team.

Member Youngjae was the first to speak. “I want GOT7 to be a team that makes the people who love us and the people who hate us listen to us (at least) once every time we release a new album. I want to evoke curiosity and it is my dream to be a group that makes anyone listen to us (at least) once.”

JB has the same thoughts. He said, “I think that anticipation is important for singers. I want people to be curious behind how much we have grown and what kind of color we are coming out with and for people to anticipate us,” and he continued, “I hope we become a group that is able to continuously release music and show side us of working.”

BamBam wants to be acknowledged by many people and Jackson chose ‘success’ as his goal. Jackson said, “Suddenly rising up is success as well but I think success is climbing up step by step and being the last one standing.” He added, “I believe that we will definitely succeed.”

Mark added, “I hope people can always feel our growth every time we release albums,” while Jinyoung said, “Rather than being relieved by fans’ thoughts and repeating the same things over and over again, I want to be a team that shows new sides to us (to repay) the amount of love we receive.”


Source BizEnter