171003 Foreign idols Chuseok stories (Mark)


Plans during Chuseok for this year? Firstly, eat lots of good food (meat^^), sleepy lots and rest well. I can’t reveal in details but~ there’s plans for practice too! An episode of a Korean holiday that left a deep impression on you? When I’m in Korea, the members are always looking after (me) so I’m always spending a warm (holiday). Before debut, the foreign trainees in our dorm would gather and eat together. The difference between a holiday in Korea and your hometown? Holiday (Thanksgiving) in the States is later than Korea, it’s in November. In the States, eating turkey is mostly the Thanksgiving culture. What would you like to wish for during Chuseok? For GOT7’s comeback to be really successful and for us to do well. We are preparing hard on our end too! I hope more people in Korea know of GOT7.
Mark (GOT7. USA)

Source Sports Seoul