170928 Life relativity summarises Jackson’s upcoming episode

Wang Jia Er and old Beijing Qin Si Yuan hit it off and co-composed the divine piece <sour plum soup>

[Two days before the show airs]

Every Saturday 10pm, co-produced by Beijing TV, Alibaba and Keyi media, life experiment show <Life relativity> airs on Beijing TV.

In the third episode that’s airing this week, the talented musician Wang Jia Er will be partnered with the mixed blood artist Qin Si Yuan and plays traditional music to an international level/standard.

It is said that Wang Jia Er used the old Beijing traditional sound as an element and combined it with the present day electronic music arrangement and composed the divine song of the year <Sour plum soup>. The brain wash level of this song is comparable to <heart fire burn>! *

*This song composed by He Jiong and other artistes in the show <Back to field>.

[Part 1]

This episode’s layman guest Qin Si Yuan is born in a family of scholars, the words Si Yuan from his name originates from Yin Shui Si Yuan (idiom: don’t forget where your happiness comes from/be grateful). He, who is a Chinese mix English, was influenced deeply by the Chinese traditional culture since young and speaks fluent Beijing dialect.

Meeting for the first time, Wang Jia Er and Qin Si Yuan who are both lovers of music hit it off.

When talking about their understanding of the arts and stories from the past, Qin Si Yuan reviewed the journey he had before of exploring his inner self. When he was young, his job as a researcher at the England library made him feel that he was not suitable for academics. The Chinese art was the only true love that he really wanted to pursue.

[Part 2]

On the second day, the both of them visited old artists in Beijing, learned traditional instruments and listened to the sound of nature.

Wang Jia Er tried a whole trail of new things. Guessing the common selling instruments with the old granny, vividly carrying the purse in the old alley, the tunes when knocking the gongs and selling vanishing cream. Seeing that Wang Jia Er looks pretty and is pretty decent when dressed as a female, the old artist smiled and complimented: “As long as it’s a girl, no one would want to miss Wang Jia Er’s peddling”.

Qin Si Yuan also shared with Wang Jia Er the collection he had with the team from the past, restore a hundred over kinds of old Beijing sound material before the 50s and watch videos of past bar performances.

Wang Jia Er also shared with Qin Si Yuan his own produced single <Papillon> and his take on the adaptation of peddling music from the technical point of view. Qin Si Yuan suggests that Wang Jia Er can imitate more of the peddling sounds to feel and learn. And coupled with improvisation to better proceed with composing.

[Part 3]

To fulfil the wish of composing a song together, Wang Jia Er and Qin Si Yuan decide to co-write the divine song. They headed to the suburbs together in order to record the most important sound of nature in the divine song.

Wang Jia Er even disregarded his safety and climbed to the rooftop only to capture the wing flapping sounds of pigeons flying. The composing spirit that’s daring regardless of personal safety, made it convincing to the audience that this old Beijing song will be the next brainwash single that will rule the music world! Cleverly using the sour plum soup peddling sounds and modern arrangement, Wang Jia Er and Qin Si Yuan composed the new brainwash divine song <Sour plum soup> in just two hours. Magical rhythms mix and matched with traditional peddling sounds, not only can it take the streets and alleys; it’s bound to win the annual hot single!

Let’s look forward to this Saturday’s 10pm CST Beijing TV <Life relativity> and let the brainwash get more intense!

*Jackson’s episode will be aired on Saturday 30th September 10pm CST on Youku live broadcast and Beijing TV




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