170925 Songwriter Joo Chanyang updates on his latest track for GOT7 and BamBam replies


Joo Chanyang’s IG update

I don’t like uploading several times on my feed at once but
Since ‘MOON U’ track list has been released today, I’m just writing this! For those who know about ‘MOON U’, they would know that this is a song I wrote together with the people that I personally really have affection for. It’s releasing on 10/10 so please anticipate it and listen to it at night🌙
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BamBam’s comment and Chanyang’s reply

bambam1a Heng-nim!!!!!! ><*

j.praize @bambam1a: It’s Bam~~~~~~~ kekekekekekeke Let’s meet each other soon!!!!

Note: Heng-nim is a Gyeongsang-do dialect for ‘hyung-nim’ which is a polite way to address an older male.

Source @j.praize