170922 Jackson to feature on the next issue of CityWeekly


#Wang Jia Er##Wang Jia Er Papillon# The @WangJiaEr on variety shows are as warm as sunshine. And of top of that he has his “naturally adorable” nature, letting us see the goofy side of him. Wang Jia Er who came back as a singer, allowed us to see a side of him that only goes forward for music. From composing the lyrics and melody, to the MV settings designs and filming, he did it by himself. Sydney <Cityweekly> 287th issue will be welcoming the handsome, adorable heavyweight guest – Wang Jia Er!! Wanna know how he defines his own music? Wang to know how he’s like when composing music? Please look forward to the Cityweekly that is launching on the 30th of September! But before that, Wang Jia Er recorded a voice note for everyone! Listen to it now!

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