170920 GOT7 returning on 10th October… A comeback in 7 months


GOT7 will be making a comeback on 10th October.

Through GOT7’s official YouTube channel, Naver V Channel and KakaoTV channel, JYP Entertainment released a teaser comeback revealing their comeback. This marks GOT7’s ‘full’ group comeback in 7 months after their last minialbum ‘FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL’ in March.

The teaser showed 7 patterned triangles forming a heptagon, and this heptogon went on to form a complete GOT7 logo. Towards the end of the video, a meaningful phrase ‘7 FOR 7’ together with the comeback date ’2017.10.10’ were shown.

Beginning from March last year till March this year, GOT7 completed a successful ‘FLIGHT LOG’ series consisting of 3 parts. With each of the title songs, ‘FLY’, ‘HARD CARRY’, and ‘NEVER EVER’, they digested various concepts and brought albums with a concert color that is unique to GOT7, earning them favourable response from fans.

Removed other info about their success with Arrival, unit and solo activities that have been going on.


Source Sports Donga