170914 Park Jinyoung, extraordinary passion in acting “learnt from a magician”


Park Jinyoung (GOT7) is acting as ‘Lee Nara’ in JTBC’s webdrama [Magic School] as someone who has been single his whole life and is showing an enthusiastic performance.

Lee Nara is a character that didn’t have any hobby his whole life and has lived submissively and passively according to his father’s wishes; he coincidentally learnt of magic and fell deep in its charms.

In order to prepare for this project, Park Jinyoung received magic lessons for about a month and a half before the filming started. “I wanted to personally perform the basic magic tricks that will be shown on screen. Even in the midst of the tight schedules, I received lessons from a current (practicing) magician and practiced,” showing off his passion for the project.

Even in the midst of album and overseas promotions, Park Jinyoung made time to practice magic and it is said that the production crew silently applauded his efforts.

Park Jinyoung chose the scene in which he had to do a trick with coins while walking as the hardest scene and said, “I remember getting a lot of NG (not-good) because my fingers couldn’t move well.”

Wrapping up, he continued, “This is a project (drama) that showcases the growth of (a) character through a fresh subject, magic. All the characters have their own stories so you would be able to feel different type of fun.”

You can witness Park Jinyoung’s earnest effort in performing magic through Magic School that is aired through Naver TV every morning at 7AM.

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Source imbc