170911 More details on [TURN UP] album and members’ comments


TURN UPJB’s comment

“TURN UP” is a powerful and energetic song that is GOT7’s style. The theme of the lyrics is “You only live once, because you are the protagonist (in your life), let’s move forward in your own way more”. The melody’s bright and pleasant atmosphere, matches well with the positive lyrics, on top of that I think that it is song that is easy to enjoy. When this song was chosen as the lead song of this mini-album, as this is the first time my own song is becoming the lead song, initially I was very surprised and I was very happy. The music video is also full of points worthy of noting. The live performance is also expected to one with a playful mood, please look forward to it. I hope the powerful energy of this song can be conveyed to everyone.


yugyeom & bambam unit song

97 young and rich


97 YOUNG & RICHBamBam’s & Yugyeom’s comment

  BamBam: “97 YOUNG & RICH” is a song I made with Yugyeom to show the power of the maknaes. The title of the song was decided while eating watermelon during the break between song-writing (laughs). If we grow a bit older, we won’t be able to use the word “YOUNG” anymore, so we thought it’s only now. So we also put in our year of birth “97″. Usually, one would have a humble attitude that is fitting with the (young) age, but only in this song, the lyrics is about discarding the sense of humility and about the arrogance that cannot be shown usually. We want to try to realise the dream of those born in the year 97.

Yugyeom: The unit with BamBam was decided based on feeling. Of course, I thought about forming a unit with him. We click well with each other. After we decided to form a unit, we wrote a song together and it was a lot of fun. As we made the song in high spirits, the hook of the melody was completed at one go. It was really fun to be able to work together after a long time. In particular, the dance break part is expected to be full of points worth noting, please also look forward to the live performance of the song. I think of all of you every day. I love (all of you) always.


jinyoung & youngjae unit song

「この胸に」(In These Arms)


「この胸に」(In These Arms) Jinyoung’s & Youngjae’s comment

  Jinyoung: If it is (to form an unit) with Youngjae, I want to sing a ballad. When I first heard the song written by Youngjae, I thought the song would fit Youngjae and me. So, the two guys with the warmest vocals in the group have now partnered to form a unit (laughs). You would be able to enjoy practising when it is a good song. Because this song is a good song, although the lyrics are painful, it was fun practising. When the two of us actually tried singing the song, our voices and emotions really matched. I’m glad that we were able to make this song, singing like we were passing the baton in a relay back and forth.

Youngjae: I like to write sad songs. For「この胸に」(In These Arms), I tried to express the longing of a couple who have broken up. The lyrics is about having the strength to encourage oneself by saying, “Whatever happens, it’s OK! So let’s work hard”, “I did not do anything wrong”. I hope you would pay attention to the lyrics. This is the first song I have made that is included in our Japanese album. Initially I had doubts whether I could convey the world of emotions of the lyrics after the lyrics have been translated into Japanese. But when I started to sing the song, I even cried a little. It was a very fresh experience.


JB & MARK unit song



WHYJB’s & Mark’s comment

JB: This song is talking about a guy who is experiencing unrequited love and questions, “Why don’t you understand this feeling?” The setting of the song is, although the guy has expressed his feelings many times, the girl does not seem interested. The atmosphere of the melody is a little dark and sexy, and the sound is a mix of R&B and future groove. The best point of the song is that it has a groove that is easy to listen to.

  Mark: The concept of our unit is an image that is a little dark with a shadow. In the concerts so far, I have done many units with a strong Hip-Hop colour. This time, I wanted to try a unit with a different feel, so I’m glad to be able do a different style together with JB. Not overly Hip-Hop, not overly ballad-like, that is the image of the atmosphere of the song I wanted to do, so when I heard “WHY” for the first time, I felt that it was perfect. As this is the style of song I like, I hope everyone can listen to it a lot.

<Solo Hi-Touch Event>

To commemorate the release of “TURN UP, solo hi-touch event will be held in Tokyo!!

23 December (Sat) Tokyo Big Sight, West 1 Hall

  • Only those holding the “Hi-touch event participation card” included in the “TURN UP” first release limited edition version A to the standard version, can participate in the hi-touch event.
  • You can only take part in the hi-touch of the member as indicated on the participation card
  • Details will be released at a later date


<Unit Event>

To commemorate the release of “TURN UP, premium unit events will be held in Tokyo and Hyogo!!

16 December (Sat), somewhere in Tokyo

16 December (Sat), somewhere in Tokyo

17 December (Sun), somewhere in Tokyo


  • Details such as the unit that will appear at each event will be released at a later date. (Only 1 unit will appear at each of the event.)
  • Only those who apply using the application serial number included in the “TURN UP” first release limited edition B~D, and are selected, can participate in the unit events.
  • You can apply for all PREMIUM UNIT EVENT #1 #2 #3 with any of the first release limited edition version B~D
  • Application period: 15 November (Wed), 10:00 ~ 19 November (Sun), 23:59

<Special Sale Events>

Sony Music Shop special sale event: Trading card holder
When you purchase all 5 versions of the album from Sony Music Shop, you will get a trading card holder with “TURN UP” design as a gift!

famima.com special sale event: Meet & Greet
10 people who purchase the album from famima.com will be picked for a Meet & Greet at the hi-touch event!

Special sale event at selected stores: Poster
The selected stores will be released at a later date

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